Frequently Asked Questions

About us

Why should I hire True North Christmas Lights?
We manufacture our own lights to ensure quality and brightness that we can warranty for the season. Our installers are all fall safe trained with our team leaders all having at least 3 years experience.


How does our scheduling process work?
Once the booking is confirmed, we put the job into queue for the selected week. Weather and safety condition permitting, our installs go as scheduled. When weather interferes, we have 4 crews available on Saturdays to get all unfinished jobs from the week caught up.

Product and installation questions:

House lights? Which should I get and why?
Individually clipped C9s on the home provide an organized look with all bulbs pointing in the same direction.


What is the payment process? Really, it’s due the same day?!
We have an 80 day season with over 200k in operating costs to get the season going. We need to be paid right away. Thank you for your understanding.

Service issues

You just installed my lights last week and some of them (or all of them) are now not working!
There is likely one failed strand that requires replacing. We will be back in 72 hours to diagnose and fix the problem. Thank you for your understanding.


When will the lights get removed?
We start residential takedowns April 1st. There is generally ice in the bottom of a shaded gutter that will inhibit the clips from coming out. We are more than happy to come out sooner but will charge for our time if we need to return.