All-New Premium Lights

This year we have added two new premium products of residential and commercial lighting. These products are designed and manufactured exclusively by True North to exceed all market standards for brightness, reliability and colour combinations.

Our new light products are not available in stores or from other installation services and have a 3 season warranty.


Installations From $180*

Annual Takedowns from $100

Quick Pricing Guideline

Estimated Purchase / Install Costs For a House**

Purchase cost below includes: Lights, Clips, Cords, Timer

House Size

# of Strands 

2000 sq.ft.

9x C9

2400 sq.ft.

11x C9

2800 sq.ft.

14x C9

3000+ sq.ft.

18x C9


Estimated Purchase / Install Costs for a Tree*** 

Purchase cost below includes: Lights, Cord 8m 

Tree height

# of Strands 

5 ft.

3x C9

10 ft.

6x C6

20 ft.

12x C6

30 ft.

20x C6


* $180 is early bird price for September installs and it does not include the purchase cost of lights.

** Prices listed above are rough estimates based on average house using our classic C9 lights on the front side of the buiding. Actual price will vary on the architecture of your house, your personal preferences on the light design and on the lights chosen. 

*** Prices listed above are rough estimates based on average spruce tree of certain height using our classic C6 multi color lights with standard light design. Actual price will vary depending on the type and shape of the tree and your personal preference on the light design. 

**** Trees higher than 20 feet will have more expensive installation if we have to use climbers or boom truck. 

Product Warranty

All products and services are guaranteed. If a strand is displaced we will immediately return to and put it back into position. If lights fail, we will promptly return to fix the issue as long as the lights were purchased from True North Christmas Lights and were taken down at the end of the previous Christmas light season. If lights were not purchased from True North, or warranty is void, a $100 service fee will apply.

We warranty all products purchased from True North for 3 seasons. Lights MUST be removed annually for the warranty to be honoured. We will replace the defective product.