Why True North?

Top 5 Reasons To Hire Us

  1. True North Brand only offers superior quality innovative products. Our lights have been designed and manufactured to exceed industry standards. Our Classic C9 outperforms all C9 lights available. All our lights are brighter and more rubust than our competitions.
  2. Our focus is to have our products be exclusive and unique. The design and creation of our C10 Premium and our C9 Custom Glass LED bulbs allows us to offer clients products that are simply not available in the market. 
  3. True North Brand Lights offer unique color combinations.
  4. Let us SAFELY assume the RISK of working around your icy roof and large trees. True North is fully INSURED for liability and WCB. All our installers are Fall Safe certified and machine operators have the required Elevated Platform Operator certifications. 
  5. We are a people based company, we hold customer and team member satisfaction to a high standard.

Client Testimonials